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Want To Feel More Confident
And In Control? 

Therapy's Your Secret Weapon.

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The Flux Therapeutic Approach

In our sessions, I don’t just listen (although that’s part of it).

I gently challenge you, call out your BS and help you grow.

I give you direction, guidance, and tools to help you implement.

All done with your best interests in mind.

My Therapeutic Methods

I use a combination of different models -  Psychodynamic Therapy combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (CBT and ACT).


Here’s a quick overview of what all that means…


Psychodynamic Therapy is a collaborative approach where YOU are in the driver’s seat, and I’m here to guide you toward understanding how you came to arrive where you are.


Once you’ve got a handle on the bigger picture and the origins of your behavior and outlook, we then get practical. 

I share tools and techniques based on CBT and ACT that you start implementing into your daily routine.


You leave our sessions ready to take action and build the life you want.

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Not sure if therapy is for you?

I totally get that starting therapy can be intimidating. 


Being vulnerable takes courage.


Maybe you’ve been wondering if therapy can help..but you’re not sure who to trust.


Or maybe you tried it before but it just didn't feel right (don't give up on therapy just yet. It could just mean you need to find the right therapist for you).


And guess what? The research actually says that the best predictor for success in therapy is fit with your therapist–even above credentials!


It’s not gonna work if you can’t really talk to me. 


To make sure we're a match, I offer a free 15-minute chat before we dive in. 


Let's see if we vibe!

Hi, I'm Dr. Andrea Liner

I’m a fully licensed clinical psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. 


It’s great that you’re looking into how therapy can help you. 


When you click with the right therapist, you’ll learn lifelong tools for dealing with life’s curveballs - so you build the life you truly want. 

Here’s why I got into therapy...

I’ve always been interested in helping people and understanding what makes them tick. 


After a false start thinking I wanted to go to dental school (I mean, what?!), the first step in my career was getting my psychology degree. 


I then went to grad school where I was accepted onto a program that focused on how unconscious dynamics (things we’re not even aware of) totally color our world view.


It was even more fascinating to learn how you can bring those things to your conscious awareness (and so gain control over them) under the guidance of a professional.


I was lucky enough to put my training into practice at my University Counseling Center, and see for myself how helpful it was for students who faced anxiety as they adjusted to stepping out into the wider world.


I loved being able to help people at such a formative but uncertain stage in their lives - and it made me realize that helping adults through transition was what I wanted to do. 


From then I went on to complete my postdoc fellowship at Georgetown University.


I then set up my private therapy practice in 2016.

My qualifications:


  • 2016 - Present: Flux Psychology Private Practice

  • 2016: Postdoctoral Fellowship Georgetown University 

  • 2015: Psy.D. The George Washington University 

  • 2011: B.S. Psychology The University of Texas at Austin

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Worried About Being "Spotted" at Therapy?

With my practice now 100% online, I’m able to offer therapy sessions that are fully private and discrete.


No worrying about who sees you coming in and out of the practice. 


No sitting around in a waiting room, stressing about who you could  bump into.


And your time is precious! Don’t spend it traveling to and from your sessions.


My online practice is a discreet and convenient way to get all the benefits of therapy…from the comfort of your home.

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Flux Therapy



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