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Healthy relationships take a lot of work. When you fail in creating healthy relationships, you may find yourself falling into a state of withdrawal that makes you feel unwanted and unloved. Licensed clinical psychologist Andrea Liner, PsyD, at Flux Psychology in Denver, Colorado, specializes in relationship counseling. Her areas of expertise include couples counseling and interpersonal relationship counseling, as well as helping those going through a breakup. To schedule an appointment, call Flux Psychology or book online today.

Relationship Counseling Q & A

What is relationship counseling?

At Flux Psychology, relationship counseling focuses on helping you develop skills that improve your ability to connect with others. This includes both romantic and non-romantic relationships. 

Dr. Liner understands the value relationships have to your emotional and mental health. Making connections with other people helps you feel better, live longer, and have a more positive outlook on life. She provides individual and couples counseling to help you cultivate and maintain healthy relationships.

Relationship counseling at Flux Psychology also includes treatment for those going through a breakup. Through her personalized and supportive approach, Dr. Liner has helped many clients improve their emotional and mental health after ending a relationship. 

When should I seek couples counseling?

Whether you’re married, engaged, or otherwise committed to a current partner, your relationship issues may be more than just going through a “rough patch.” 

If you’re having trouble reconciling differences or getting past certain obstacles, it may be time to get help from a supportive, unbiased third party. 

At Flux Psychology, Dr. Liner specializes in couples counseling. Her style allows you and your partner to open up to each other in a noncombative environment so you can work past your problems, improve communication, and heal.  

When should I seek relationship counseling?

To improve your interpersonal relationships, Dr. Liner also offers specialized social skills-based relationship counseling. Whether you’re having troubles with a romantic or non-romantic relationship, you may benefit from relationship counseling if:

  • You find yourself wanting to be alone more often
  • You’re easily annoyed or irritated by others
  • You become stressed with the idea of meeting someone new
  • You’re dismayed by the prospect of dating
  • You don’t know how to approach a romantic interest
  • You find yourself obsessing over your relationship
  • You dive into work to avoid your relationship
  • You close yourself off from your significant other
  • You expect your relationship to end at some point
  • You take action to sabotage your relationship

Your relationship issues may have many causes, but they can all be worked on. Professional psychotherapy at Flux Psychology can help you make great strides toward creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

What can I expect during relationship counseling?

At Flux Psychology, Dr. Liner takes a personalized approach to relationship counseling and the specifics of your therapy are individualized to match your needs. Your treatment may include talking through your problems, engaging in a series of therapy exercises, and creating a plan of action. 

Loving, caring relationships bring joy and happiness, so it’s essential that you try to cultivate these types of relationships whenever possible. 

If you’re struggling with romantic or non-romantic relationships, contact Flux Psychology by phone or online to schedule a relationship counseling consultation today. 

*Flux Psychology does not offer emergency services. Please contact the Colorado Crisis Hotline at 1-844-493-8255 or dial 911 for immediate help.

Flux Psychology is not an emergency services provider. If you are in immediate need of assistance, please call Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-8255, dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.