Life Transitions


Life Transitions Can Eat Away at the Best of Us

From small life transitions that barely disturb our daily routine to big ones that make absolutely everything different, life transitions aren’t something you’ll ever be able to avoid entirely. Change is an irrefutable fact of each person’s life, but not everyone is able to easily move on to something new.

Some life transitions can be quite upsetting, regardless of how innocuous they may seem to people on the outside or how easy you thought the transition would be. You must learn how to deal with these changes and adapt to them for the sake of yourself and others.

Whether you’ve landed a new job, moved to a new city, gotten married, ended a romantic relationship, started school, or experienced a similar transition, it can be tough. There are a number of root causes for concern with each type of transition, but they often differ from person to person.

Many people don’t realize that the problems they’re having with a specific life transition aren’t always about the transition itself, but how the person is handling it. The way you deal with a life transition often influences the quality of your life in the future.

Here are some of the signs that you may not be dealing with a life transition properly:

  • You have severe anxiety when you think of the changes you’ve made.
  • You experience insomnia due to stress over the new situation.
  • You plan to turn down a life transition that would better your life.
  • You have difficulty thinking of anything else.
  • You are bothered by even the small changes that have occurred.
  • You feel intense pressure to succeed or your life will fall apart.
  • You are doubting the life transition, even though it’s in your favor.
  • You can’t stop thinking about undoing the transition.
  • You believe that the only way to fix things is to undo the change.

Yes, life transitions can be scary, but they are also controllable.

Whether a life transition occurred by your choice or not, you may be feeling stress and anxiety stemming from making the change. In some situations, overwhelming feelings of dread and discomfort are strong enough to interrupt your daily functions. Yes, life transitions can be scary, but they are also controllable. A seasoned therapist can help you get at the root of your problem and come up with a plan to ease your anxiety and get you back on track.

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