An Identity Crisis Must Be Taken Seriously

Human beings define themselves by what we call our identity. This encapsulates all sorts of elements – personality, values, beliefs, etc. – and affects every facet of a person’s life. The way you identify yourself shapes how you will act, how you will feel, and how you will progress through life on a regular basis.

Feeling lost is a way of life for a lot of people, but many have no idea if they are truly suffering from an identity crisis or simply going through a rough patch of feeling temporarily detached from themselves. Since a sense of self is essential for a fulfilling life, you must recognize if you have a problem and resolve it.

A person who lacks a sense of identity may feel disconnected from who they have been, who they are, or who they will become. Identity concerns can arise as a result of a life transition or recent trauma, or maybe you’ve never felt a good sense of who you are. This could manifest as uncertainty in your values, your goals, your sexuality, your spirituality, the relationships you seek out, etc.   Some will feel all of these things at once or shift between them without warning. This troubling level of detachment can keep you from achieving what you want in life.

Our identity shapes who we are and how we interact with others. You may have trouble recognizing that a lack of identity is the reason why you experience difficulty with making friends, concentrating in school, succeeding at a job, or being happy.

Here are some of the signs of experiencing an identity crisis:

You dislike being asked details about yourself or your life.

You define yourself only by your outward appearance.

You change your personality as your environment changes.

You feel a great sense of boredom or restlessness.

You think about “running away from it all.”

You find yourself radically shifting your opinions.

You have difficulty connecting deeply to others.

You only seem to like what your partner likes.

You are drawn to literature about life’s purpose.

You can re-connect with who you are.

Recognizing that you are suffering from an identity crisis can take years, and rectifying it takes a commitment to yourself and to professional treatment. The good news is that there is a path of enlightenment ahead of you – a path that will help define who you are and what you mean to this world. By taking the steps necessary to gain control of your identity crisis and make the necessary corrections, you can begin to live the life that you’ve always wanted.

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