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Flux Psychology understands the complications that you may be going through and is dedicated to providing you with engaging counseling sessions and excellent techniques to make your life whole again. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most popular categories for treatment.



Millions of people suffer from some degree of depression. If low or irritable moods, lack of motivation, self-isolation, etc. are having a negative impact on your daily life and functioning, therapy can help you feel like yourself again.




Anxiety can stem from a specific, negative event or maybe something that has followed you for your entire life. You may have difficulty functioning normally due to overwhelming anxiety. With the right kind of assistance and enough effort, these feelings can be reigned in and put under control.



It is a natural human experience to want to love and be loved. Cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult for some, and treatment will most likely bring out traits you never knew existed. But, with hard work and dedication, you can connect in ways you never thought possible.


Life Transitions

For better or worse, change is simply a fact of life. Many people, however, find life transitions to be extremely stressful, even when the change is a positive one. Life transitions may be scary for you, but how you face them can be fully under your control.


Interpersonal Concerns

Connecting on an intimate level with another person can be difficult for many reasons. Some find themselves unable to form and keep relationships with others no matter how hard they try. Others find themselves avoiding social interactions because it feels like something you’re not equipped to handle. Therapy can help determine the underlying issues and provide new skills.



You might be surprised to discover that tons of people across the globe experience an identity crisis at some point in their lives. This can disrupt how we interact with others and whether or not we succeed in relationships, education, business, and other facets of life. The good news is that discovering who you are is within reach.


Stress Management

It is common for all human beings to feel stress from time to time, but a high level of stress is something you want to avoid. There are more sources of stress than we would ever be able to list, but just know that you’re not alone. With proper treatment, stress absolutely does not have to consume you.



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