Post-doctoral Clinical Supervision


Put Your Knowledge into Practice

An effective clinical supervision experience is an important aspect of becoming a successful professional. In fact, the American Psychological Association formed a task force in 2014 to create guidelines that promote a productive supervisory relationship. At Flux Psychology, we apply the Guidelines of Supervision throughout our relationships so you can be sure you’re receiving support and guidance from a qualified professional. We work within a collaborative framework that provides you with the insight and feedback you need to begin your career on the right foot.

Choosing the Right Supervisor

Finding the right fit is important in any professional relationship, and especially so when you are looking to an established individual to provide mentoring and insight. Flux Psychology ensures you are working with a friendly, competent, successful supervisor who will help you take the most away from your post-doctoral clinical experience. We are primarily geared toward helping our clients with life transitions and relationships, so if those areas interest you we’d love to hear from you! We do treat all types of personal issues, so even if your focus is in a different area we encourage you to reach out to us.


Your Clinical Experience Is Complete – Now What?

If you’re like most people launching a career in psychology, you’re probably overwhelmed and maybe even a little confused about the best way to move forward with your profession. We’re happy to help you chart a course for success once your clinical experience is complete. We’ve lived through the same process and obstacles you’re likely to encounter and can provide some helpful guidance to help you get on track quickly.

Getting Started

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about how to get started. We’re happy to talk through the process with you and help you determine if Flux is the right fit for you.

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