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Life is a complex series of events and conflicts, and we all need someone by our side who can provide understanding and guidance when things get too rough for us to handle alone.

About Us

Dr. Andrea Liner is a highly trained, details-oriented psychologist who brings a unique personality and attitude to every session. She believes that each person has the ability within themselves to unlock strength they didn’t even know they had in order to resolve conflict, gain momentum, and come out of their shells. Specializing in transition, relationship, and identity issues, Dr. Liner makes her clients feel at ease with an approach that never relies on “one size fits all” psychology. You can contact her directly at andrea@fluxpsychology.com. Click below to learn more about her credentials, experience, and techniques.

Professional Experience

Dr. Liner has been seeing clients since 2012 and transitioned into the private practice setting in 2016. Much of her training took place in community mental health and university counseling centers. As such, Dr. Liner is adept at helping patients of all ages, but has discovered that young adults in their 20s and early 30s find her especially relatable. She specializes in life transition issues such as breakups, graduate school, relocating, workplace promotions, and relationships, but has successfully treated personal issues of all types. Dr. Liner considers herself an integrative therapist, utilizing concepts and techniques from a wide array of theoretical orientations such as psychodynamic, CBT/ACT, and interpersonal/relational theory. Clients often comment that she comes across as a down-to-earth type of psychologist rather than an authority figure who silently observes and judges.

Professional Credentials

Dr. Liner holds a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from the APA-accredited program at George Washington University and completed her APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at The Catholic University of America. Dr. Liner went on to complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgetown University. After her training was complete, she returned to her home state of Colorado, where she became a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. This high level of expertise and education puts her in a unique position to help those who need assistance the most. While Dr. Liner respects any therapist who sincerely wants to help people get over their problems, she also feels that a high level of training is absolutely necessary when attempting to better a person’s life and and encourages clients to research a potential therapist’s credentials before committing to treatment.

What We Do

Dr. Liner believes in orthodox therapy with an unorthodox approach. This can translate to many things in the way she organizes an individual session, but first and foremost, it means that you never have to worry that her techniques will turn gimmicky or so far to the spiritual side of things that practical methods are ignored. Dr. Liner places equal emphasis on clients’ current circumstances and the previous life experiences that have shaped them. Her personality is known to put patients immediately at ease, to make them feel comfortable and safe to open up about anything. She tailors each treatment to the specific client, thereby avoiding the manualized approach that many mental health workers utilize. Dr. Liner is also committed to helping underserved populations access mental health care. She contracts with Maria Droste Counseling Center to help provide low-fee and Medicaid services to the Denver community at large in addition to her full-time work at Flux Psychology.

Why We Do It

Dr. Liner understands that the demands brought on by stresses in today’s modern world can be overwhelming, even for the most confident, accomplished persons. She feels her greatest successes come when a patient has experienced a breakthrough in a part of their life that they’ve been struggling with for months or years or finally feel like themselves again.  Dr. Liner is dedicated to making a difference in each client’s life. Nothing gives her more joy and satisfaction than connecting with a patient and giving them some sort of relief from the difficulties they are facing.

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